Communication competence thanks to individual workflow concepts for sophisticated customers

In times of global communication it is important to understand the potential of the IT world and to have a goal-oriented vision for the further development of the company's own environment.  That is why IBS has been following the motto "standardization where possible, diversification where necessary."  This gives our customers highly efficient tools to meet the ever-growing demands of the market by intelligently combining standard modules and individual solutions.

In order to manage daily flows of goods in an efficient manner as well as data exchange with our fulfillment customers, we use web frontends that are synchronized and developed by in-house by IBS:

ImageBS Magento web shop as integrated eCommerce solution for both individualists and generalists

ItendBS The multitool for web-based order managment

ItrackBS The real-time tracking tool for order tracking and tracing

It goes without saying that we have a worldwide network with our partners and agents.